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Well, its almost midnight, and I'm sitting here in my bedroom listening to the parentals and the extendeds in the next room, drinking and getting louder by the beer. Kudos for dad, he had a couple and quit, although he may have started again after I "went to bed."

Eventually, they will go to their motel rooms, and stop being a pain in my ass. Yes, they *all* got motel rooms. Huzzah for that. Reduces the stress levels a dramatic degree.

In other news, Joshy-pooh actually had an entire phone conversation with me while I was buck naked. He called just as I was preparing for a nice relaxing soak, and I wanted to talk to him, AND I wanted my soak. So anyone who feels jealous of that feel free to ambush him on it. Of course, my nice relaxing soak turned into a short soak and shave the legs, because everyone arrived back home earlier than I expected them. But, I still felt better for the hot water immersion therapy.

Hmm what else.

The cousin's wife (aka The Cow) is still as whiny and annoying as ever. After spending twenty minutes whining about her allergies, she gets a cloth to put on her eyes, and then starts whining that tipping her head back so that the cloth doesn't fall right smack of her face hurts her neck. I was ready to smack her, tell her there's sudafed and benadryl in the cabinets (which I heard her rifling through while she was in the bathroom) and if it was that bad she could have taken some.
Ron, as usual, finds great pleasure in fucking with me when the conversational topics aren't to my interest and I do other things instead. What?!? Its my own fuckin home, if I don't want to listen to your inane babble about who's fucking who in your home town, I am entitled to DO SOMETHING ELSE. Like immerse myself in the twisting train of blog to blog links over at Blogger.

Its like tracing through the Flists here, except you don't get to read a post on someone else's friends page before you go peruse their blog. I seem to have fallen into a fairly good circle of blogs over there, though. I seem to find myself digging further and further back into the blogs to find the sterling examples that I wish I could live up to. Part of my "bad blogger! no comments!" problem seems to stem, based on the success I'm seeing in the other blogs that I'm reading, from my general distaste of political blogging. I don't like blogging about political things, generally, although I break that "rule" if something tickles my funny bone. I'm trying to be a better blogger on the other one, and reserving this one for the personal day-to-day keeping up with folks type stuff.

I may cross post a few things, I'm trying to be a better writer and polish up a few of the funny stories that I've related in a wham bam thank you ma'am type fashion in various places, and make them all sparkley. I'm also trying to make sparkley versions of some of the stories I haven't shared over the years, mostly because I couldn't take the time to do them justice. These days I find I need something to keep my mind busy, and hold off the screaming meltdown that I know is coming. Don't worry, folks, I'm not going to try to stave it off permanently, only long enough to get through all of the crap thats related to it. Hysterics are for AFTER the crisis, not during.

On that note I think I've made this blog long and rambling enough so I'm going to go over there in the corner and twiddle my thumbs until the noise in the next room dies down enough for me to get some sleep.
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Since I have to have something to do, to escape the extendeds, I decided to post here.

Also, in looking for something to do, I created another blog, over at Blogger. Tractor Tracks is going to be a more... reader oriented blog. Thinking more about what people WANT to see than what I really want to say, which, half the time, is venting, here. There's a few posts up already, I was really bored today, but one of them is in response to a post on another blog. Go check it out if you want to, if not, no big deal, I'm not too worried about it. Feeling kind of let down that I commented on the blog that I was responding to, and haven't gotten any comments on my post yet, but hey its brand new no one knows who the hell I am over there (its an entirely different name, different email addy, everything, over there) so I'm not getting too downtrodden yet.

The extendeds have well and truly arrived, and are currently up at mamaw's having dinner. An hour after we called and told them it was ready. The one who has provisionally inherited the title of Crackhead Cousin came into his inheritance this month... so he's got new vehicles, etc, and he and his wife are staying in a motel. All I can say is, THANK GOD.

There's only so much I can ramble on about, and the excuse I used to get away is pretty valid, I do need to get a shower in. So, if you want to go check out the other blog, fabulous, if not, I'm not gonna freak out about it. Just an experiment to see how entertaining my writing is when I'm really trying for it to be witty and interesting. We'll see how it works out.
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Not much time to blog these days, as you all probably guessed. There's a whole shitload of things that had to be done, but I think that 90% of them are done now. Actually they were done around two thirty yesterday. After that I went on official hiatus from all of this shit, and was duly kidnapped by Trav. In his bio-dad's 'vette. And we ran away to Pueblo, and had dinner. And then came home. Which reminds me, I need to get Travy-pooh a nice cold energy drink taken out to him, he had to work today, and we didn't get home till about midnight. I owe him so much more than an energy drink, but that will start the repayment.

The services are set for Tuesday, church service at 10 am, graveside at 2 pm. We really didn't want folks trying to convoy it through the road construction so we split em up pretty far. I have complete and utter faith in the abilities of the folks we have enlisted to help us, including those that aren't getting paid for it, so I think things will go smoothly enough, if the extended family allow it. They're all getting here sometime today. This I dread.

It still hasn't entirely hit home, that she's gone. There are moments when it slams into me like a freight train, but then the automatic survival protocols that I've ingrained in myself take over, and I just get back to doing what needs doing, until I can stop and think about it. There will come a point where a quick ride down the interstate in a sparkling corvette with the top down, arms up in the wind and hair blowing out of control while the driver looks at me like I'm nuts won't cut it to deflate the stress balloon that's growing in my chest, but until then, Trav's got me covered. I don't know what the hell I did to deserve friends like him, I really don't.

Thanks to everyone who has offered condolences here, in offlines, and over the phone. We're muddling along, and I haven't killed anyone yet.

Between me, and the sister in law, though, the Kansas Contingent better be on their best behavior. Neither of us are in the mood to be tolerant.
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Sugar's still on about three to four respirations a minute, one of the nurses thinks she's got an abdominal aneurysm, and its pulsing, which means blood is still pumping into it. The nurse promised shed call if anything changes, but I'm gonna be up all night anyway, I already set myself up for it, expecting another night of sitting watches. She hasn't changed much all day, so we're not gonna sit watches tonight. I was down there till about eleven, till I figured she was sleeping well and not waking up a lot, and then I came home. I'll see if I can sleep in a little bit.
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Long night

Spent last night, till four am, sitting with Sugar. The nurses aren't hopeful, with the apnea she was at about four breaths per minute, and they couldn't get the oxygen sensor to register a reading on her finger.

I don't know how things are going this morning, yet, I just woke up... Mom relieved me at about four this morning, I was dozing in the recliner in her room, waking up with each time the apneas ran longer than my subconscious thought they should. When I know more, I'll post again. Mom and dad are here, but they're laying down, so I don't have any news.
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Got a call this evening, from the nursing home. Sugar's respiration is extremely depressed, as is her pulse, and her blood pressure. They think she's going. I've been down there since I got back from getting mom from Northcamp, where she was working... home for a few minutes to take care of a couple of things, and maybe get something to eat, then I'll be back down there.

I don't know if she's going tonight... but tonight you can whisper to her, and get a reaction, where normally you have to speak loudly, right into her ear.
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This is probably going to be fairly short, because I'm tired, but I know there are those of you who chomp at the bit if you don't hear from me for a while.

Finally got to ride my horse friday, because the cows were out. She's a little bit more enthusiastic about testing the boundaries of her new home when you're on her back than she is when you're on the ground. Loping, neck reining, and, well, going the direction you want her to go all become problems at this point. She'll figure out what the boundaries are soon, if she follows the pattern she did with the ground stuff, and she'll settle in ok. Although she may push a bit harder than she did on the ground stuff... she almost got me off, with a clever trick... three jumps and a dead stop... tossed me over her shoulder because I was getting in the groove to ride it out, and I'd lost a stirrup... caught myself before I came off, in an awkward position hanging halfway over her shoulder, which caused me a few bruises, but we got the cows in and she figured out that I'm not going to let her scare me into not riding her... we went right back to what we were doing. I think once she knows the boundaries she'll settle down and be a good horse, she's willing enough for me, she knows she'll get a treat when we're done, its more that she wants to know exactly what she can get away with in the way of mischief. Crow hopping her back end on the first three or four strides of a lope doesn't bother me, though it makes for a bumpy ride. Putting her head down and trying to buck when I nudge her into a lope won't work, though. The time she nearly got me off was partly my own damn fault... the electric fence was already dropped to put the cows on, so I measured her strides and adjusted her so she'd step over the wire, not on it, but once I got her set up I treated her like I would have Cutter... I dropped my eyes to the wire, and that dropped my weight, which slowed her down a touch and shortened her stride... she stepped square on the wire. I'm not sure she'll ever step over a smooth wire for me again, its *HOT* where she stepped on it. But, when she first took off she was just running... it was when I pulled her up that she started bucking. She got a scratch under her mane and an apology once she calmed down, but that precipitated a discussion on exactly how fast we were going to go back to the corral. Lots of walking in circles, and stopping and standing still. She's mostly been ridden "solid" I think... not standing with a rider... she was a bit confused when I stopped her, let off rein pressure, and then pulled her back up when she took a step.

Thats the most interesting part of my life right now, the rest of it is work and sleep. I'm exhausted.... and considering taking another day off work a week, since I'm starting to get stress headaches, which, if I don't listen to my body, will turn into migraines which will do me no good at all, and turn me completely useless for at least a full day. We'll see. For now... bed.
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Construction revenge

Yesterday I was in the pilot car all morning, and then went to the slow side road for the afternoon. Well, as soon as the flagger I relieved left, I had to pee. No one on site, the cutters had been there earlier but they hadn't been seen in an hour, so I figured they were off site... sooo traffic was gone for a while... step behind the light plant, pee.... and over the hill pops the cutters. Oh well they're construction guys they pee outside all the time, they're probably not even looking over here right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong.

These guys were complete assholes. I expected them to have the common courtesy to think to themselves... there's nowhere else for her to pee, I don't see the break person anywhere, I see nothing, no big deal. Yeah, no. First the dude in the passenger seat stares at me as he goes by (as I'm zipping up my pants) then he starts waving... then they come over and TALK to me. The dude in the passenger seat didn't even say anything he just sat there with this grin on his face that left me feeling like I needed a shower. And they're just damn lucky that they didn't say anything even remotely about the fact that they saw me pee because at this point I'm looking for a good reason to slap them with a sexual harassment complaint, because they ARE harassing female flaggers. They haven't said anything yet, but the blonde one looks at women and they're left with the distinct impression that if he were alone he'd have his hands down his pants. Frankly, I want to deck the guy but mom told me not to.

Well, later on in the day after I've ranted to the girl that was across the road, and moved on, up pulls mom, dangling a little cooler out her window. I'm thinking that someone left it on the end of the line or something, until she said "the cutters left one of their lunchboxes by the saw... we thought you might want to leave them a present." They'd thrown out all the crap that was in it, so I chugged what was left of my soda from lunch and a bottle of water, and waited. Told Trav what was going on, and he chugged what was left of his gallon of water. Yes, we pissed in his lunch box. Four or five of us pissed in his lunch box. We're not sure what Houser did, he was talking about taking it behind the paver and sitting on it.

This isn't just about them acting like twelve year olds over catching me behind the light plant, these guys have been fuckin up right and left. Not notifying us when they'll have a vehicle in the live lane when traffic is going by, leaving site and just leaving their water truck in the live lane, getting in the way of traffic with their personal vehicles, and I guess they've been pissing off everyone else on site, too.

The big boss knows about the incident with me, she was covering for Jack last night and mom had a chance to let her know about it. Dianna (the owner of the company aka the big boss) is going to talk to Eddie (big boss on site for the contractor) about it, so I may be putting in a complaint whether I intended to or not. Dianna takes guys being pricks to her female flaggers seriously. She expects you to be woman enough to handle jerks, but a situation like this, really offends her. Any other man on that site would have politely looked away, and never given any hint that he'd seen shit. I wouldn't be surprised if they still needed to get their asses kicked, and if they pull up to me and act like they did the other day again, I'm definitely going to give them a piece of my mind. Play nice time is over. I just wish that I could be a fly on the wall when whichever guy that owns the lunchbox takes the complaint to Eddie. They'll accuse traffic control, and Eddie will call Dianna. I can tell you just what she'll say too... "No, I didn't piss in your lunchbox, but if you really want me to, bring it here."

There's a chance that they won't even be back on site till tomorrow. That thing is gonna be RANK.
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