August 6th, 2007

Kermit The First

New Apartment

Well, I'm in the new apartment. Blue carpet, white walls, not much space, but its MINE ALL MINE!! MWAHAHAH!

Getting things unpacked, slowly but surely. Got the kitchen 90% done, and started on the bedroom... got the bathroom unpacked pretty much, but then how much is there to unpack for a bathroom really?

Mom bought me a buttload of food but I really don't want to cook at this point so I'll probably go hungry tonight. I forgot to get crackers to go with my lil smokies so I'll have to go get those tomorrow.

Hot tea in the morning instead of coffee, we collectively forgot to pack the coffeemaker. Sucks, but what can ya do?

Little bit of drama moving in, the cleaning people weren't done with the apartment... manager told me, give me till three, it'll be ready. I get here at three... Nothing has been done. Ugh. Go back upstairs and ask the manager....

"My cleaning lady had to take her husband to the emergency room..."

"OK well we'll help clean, I want to get in there."

So we cleaned, then we moved stuff. A few things that need to be fixed... the smoke detector is disconnected, the garbage disposal isn't working, there's a leak under the sink, the non-working garbage disposal is plugged...

I need to vacuum the dust out of my couch but I don't have a vacuum yet... So thats another thing to pick up.

I'm pretty tired now so I think that I'm gonna go to bed. Catch some Z's and start again in the morning.