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Odd Things
The Strange Things From The Mind Of Dawn
Ok, lets see whats new since I posted last... Got things unpacked,… 
12th-Aug-2007 02:30 pm
Kermit The First
Ok, lets see whats new since I posted last...

Got things unpacked, except for some bedding that needs washed. Since I had a buttload of laundry to do when I got here, I've tried to spread it out a bit so that I'm not monopolizing the one washer for the building. Thats right, one washer, two dryers.

I got my keys, but I haven't gotten copies of them made yet, simply because I'm getting new locks Wednesday.

Manager lady fixed the plugged garbage disposal, so it works now, and my sink is scheduled for a re-build in early September because of the leak.

Mamaw gave me a vacuum, so thats handled.

Got my student ID, and my books. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am I have an orientation, and then I have to run to the bank and open an account since my work study is direct deposit only to get paid.

TV/Cable/Internet guy should (hopefully!) be here Tuesday afternoon to hook up all of that stuff, I'll be glad to get off of the manager's husband's connection. That shit goes down more than the prom queen.

Other than that, its pretty much business as usual. I'm trying to keep myself occupied so that I don't lose all of the momentum that I've had over the last week so I don't hit class time and go "well fuck."
12th-Aug-2007 09:42 pm (UTC)
...talk like that makes me wish I dated someone besides band geeks and drama girls.. *remembers stories about the general promiscuity of band folk, grins* nevermind...
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