Foxy (foxyweirdo) wrote,


Got my registration done today, waiting on word back from financial aid. School starts August 13th.

Dad's been having seizures, a friend of the family who's a nurse looked into things and thinks its a syndrome caused by low thiamine levels, and that his drinking probably caused it. It attacks the nervous system and damages nerves as well as the spinal cord and brain stem.

So what does he do? He goes out and gets trashed and walks around and falls down in the middle of the fucking road, and lays there till the cops pick him up and bring him home.

Mom is gone, I'm not sure where, she said she'd call me tomorrow.

I'm going to Lamar tomorrow to see if I can find an apartment, and figure out how much I need to borrow on a student loan to be able to live up there. My class schedule won't really allow me to work, unless its something like telecommuting data entry.

If dad wants to drink himself to death, fine. But I'm not going to condone it, or watch it.
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