Foxy (foxyweirdo) wrote,

I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger, etc, etc. This is the update.

Things are going, slowly turning upwards from last month's lows.

Went to the Springs Tuesday with Trav, to keep him company while his dad had knee replacement surgery... and even though I was in his hometown, optimsprm couldn't come and hang out with us even for a little while. (sorry, dude, you're going to get shit about that one for a while :P)

Going to have the horses in the arena sometime next week to work with a couple of them, where I don't have to worry about them running through a barbed wire fence if we get into a serious discussion about things... one of the new geldings in particular has been spoiled all to hell and back on the ground and not made to mind in the saddle. Well, he was a kid's horse, not really all that surprising. So the result is he loves people... as long as you're not on his back. When you throw a leg over him he tries to buffalo you, rubbing along fences, backing into fences, wheeling, rearing (with the least amount of effort possible and still call it a rear) side stepping, lunging into the bridle, just about every bad behavior a horse can have without actually bucking, he's got. So we're going to do some work where he can't hurt himself.

Thats about it for now, work, eat, sleep, lather rinse and repeat.
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