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Odd Things
The Strange Things From The Mind Of Dawn
12th-Aug-2007 02:30 pmNo Subject
Kermit The First
Ok, lets see whats new since I posted last...

Got things unpacked, except for some bedding that needs washed. Since I had a buttload of laundry to do when I got here, I've tried to spread it out a bit so that I'm not monopolizing the one washer for the building. Thats right, one washer, two dryers.

I got my keys, but I haven't gotten copies of them made yet, simply because I'm getting new locks Wednesday.

Manager lady fixed the plugged garbage disposal, so it works now, and my sink is scheduled for a re-build in early September because of the leak.

Mamaw gave me a vacuum, so thats handled.

Got my student ID, and my books. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am I have an orientation, and then I have to run to the bank and open an account since my work study is direct deposit only to get paid.

TV/Cable/Internet guy should (hopefully!) be here Tuesday afternoon to hook up all of that stuff, I'll be glad to get off of the manager's husband's connection. That shit goes down more than the prom queen.

Other than that, its pretty much business as usual. I'm trying to keep myself occupied so that I don't lose all of the momentum that I've had over the last week so I don't hit class time and go "well fuck."
6th-Aug-2007 09:20 pm - New Apartment
Kermit The First
Well, I'm in the new apartment. Blue carpet, white walls, not much space, but its MINE ALL MINE!! MWAHAHAH!

Getting things unpacked, slowly but surely. Got the kitchen 90% done, and started on the bedroom... got the bathroom unpacked pretty much, but then how much is there to unpack for a bathroom really?

Mom bought me a buttload of food but I really don't want to cook at this point so I'll probably go hungry tonight. I forgot to get crackers to go with my lil smokies so I'll have to go get those tomorrow.

Hot tea in the morning instead of coffee, we collectively forgot to pack the coffeemaker. Sucks, but what can ya do?

Little bit of drama moving in, the cleaning people weren't done with the apartment... manager told me, give me till three, it'll be ready. I get here at three... Nothing has been done. Ugh. Go back upstairs and ask the manager....

"My cleaning lady had to take her husband to the emergency room..."

"OK well we'll help clean, I want to get in there."

So we cleaned, then we moved stuff. A few things that need to be fixed... the smoke detector is disconnected, the garbage disposal isn't working, there's a leak under the sink, the non-working garbage disposal is plugged...

I need to vacuum the dust out of my couch but I don't have a vacuum yet... So thats another thing to pick up.

I'm pretty tired now so I think that I'm gonna go to bed. Catch some Z's and start again in the morning.
2nd-Aug-2007 06:23 pm - YAY!
Kermit The First
Got the apartment, I move Monday.

Got a LOT of packing to do.

YAY My own place!
27th-Jul-2007 08:06 am - School
Kermit The First
Classes start the fifteenth of next month, I'm registered, got all the financial aid taken care of, enough to cover my tuition and fees and probably most of my books.

Now I just have to figure out how to make money with a crackheaded schedule.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have classes at eight, ten, and three. Thursday I have one class at ten, Friday at eleven, Saturday and Sunday at seven thirty.

Its gonna be interesting. I have to figure out how to either make enough cash to drive back and forth (ugh, total suck on the drive time) or have an apartment.

I'm going to Lamar today to look for a job that will work with that schedule. I may have to work nights. Sister in law is gonna ask her step mom about something she was doing on the work from home front, we'll see how things work out.
23rd-Jul-2007 09:05 pm - Ugh
Kermit The First
Got my registration done today, waiting on word back from financial aid. School starts August 13th.

Dad's been having seizures, a friend of the family who's a nurse looked into things and thinks its a syndrome caused by low thiamine levels, and that his drinking probably caused it. It attacks the nervous system and damages nerves as well as the spinal cord and brain stem.

So what does he do? He goes out and gets trashed and walks around and falls down in the middle of the fucking road, and lays there till the cops pick him up and bring him home.

Mom is gone, I'm not sure where, she said she'd call me tomorrow.

I'm going to Lamar tomorrow to see if I can find an apartment, and figure out how much I need to borrow on a student loan to be able to live up there. My class schedule won't really allow me to work, unless its something like telecommuting data entry.

If dad wants to drink himself to death, fine. But I'm not going to condone it, or watch it.
21st-Jul-2007 10:10 pm - Best Fortune Cookie Ever!
Kermit The First
Got this one today:

"Ignore Previous Cookie."
19th-Jul-2007 07:08 pm - Still alive
Kermit The First
Still kicking, just haven't been updating much. I'll probably write something about the horses later but I'm trying to be a good hostess right now, so I won't stay on the puter too long. I've already written an entry for my other journal, so if you want you can head over there. Just letting everyone know I'm not dead.
12th-Jul-2007 09:15 amNo Subject
Kermit The First
I know, I know, I'm a bad blogger, etc, etc. This is the update.

Things are going, slowly turning upwards from last month's lows.

Went to the Springs Tuesday with Trav, to keep him company while his dad had knee replacement surgery... and even though I was in his hometown, optimsprm couldn't come and hang out with us even for a little while. (sorry, dude, you're going to get shit about that one for a while :P)

Going to have the horses in the arena sometime next week to work with a couple of them, where I don't have to worry about them running through a barbed wire fence if we get into a serious discussion about things... one of the new geldings in particular has been spoiled all to hell and back on the ground and not made to mind in the saddle. Well, he was a kid's horse, not really all that surprising. So the result is he loves people... as long as you're not on his back. When you throw a leg over him he tries to buffalo you, rubbing along fences, backing into fences, wheeling, rearing (with the least amount of effort possible and still call it a rear) side stepping, lunging into the bridle, just about every bad behavior a horse can have without actually bucking, he's got. So we're going to do some work where he can't hurt himself.

Thats about it for now, work, eat, sleep, lather rinse and repeat.
27th-Jun-2007 04:53 pm - To those who are going to worry...
Kermit The First
Don't. I'm not dead, honest. I'm just staying with Grandpa for a few days, he had an allergic reaction to naproxin last night, and spent this morning in the ER... they don't want him alone for a few days because it could come back, and its the seize up your lungs and kill you while you try to cuss the itching from the hives kind of reaction.

I could have killed him for poo pooing it when we got to LaJunta.

Anyway, thats where I'm at, I don't know how much time I'll spend online while I'm up there, but I'll try to check in once in a while.
19th-Jun-2007 09:01 pmNo Subject
Kermit The First
Funeral was today, and it was a beautiful service. The preacher kept it short, and made sure to talk about SUGAR rather than just seeing it as a captive audience.

The flowers were wonderful. The flower shop is SO getting a thank you card, they turned out so much better than I expected... and I had high expectations.

I cried, a little. Its all Grandpa's fault, he teared up, and that got mom, which got dad, and then I saw my brother and sister in law crying and I was screwed. Got myself under control, and made it through the rest of the day. The flower placement and balloon release went flawlessly... and then my sister in law went "WAIT A MINUTE!" on the gerber daisies we used for the flower placement, when she found out that they wouldn't be inside the vault with Sugar. They came home with us.

The casket spray and the endpieces were cannibalized in front of the watching crowd as we removed the stuffed animals that were going with Sugar. Then we took the flowers and put them in the vases on her and grandpa Clarence's headstone.

None of the extendeds are dead, yet. They're over here to give mamaw a break, and they're all out in the yard drinking. Good place for them, I plan to go to bed soon.

Umm... I've been writing more in my other blog, and it seems to be getting a good response... I'm proud of it, and embarrassed about the praise thats been left in the comments. Gratified, but a couple of them made me blush. Its been a good way to get my mind off of things, so its been good for me.
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